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Engage & Convert to stand out in the market!

Get perfectly tailored Digital Recruitment solutions for your hiring success.

Learn more about our 98,7% Talent Reach consisting of Hard-to-Reach, Passive, Poised, Active candidates.






Learn how HRAIME Talent ventures help you succeed.

From direct sourcing through our specialized  job boards, featured employer, hiring videos and recruitment campaigns across
all available channels, to apply beauty career pages, AI recruitment chatbots, Job Taster Days and Headhunting#1 activities
and beyond - HRAIME provides the tools you need to find, attract, engage and connect the relevant talent to grow your business.

Job Taster Days
  • This is a key differentiator in our busy job marketplace. Aiming to stand out and create an environment where all stakeholders benefit.


  • Enlarge your own talent pool - gain new registered candidates with active CVs or reactivate your brand lovers from past recruitment endeavors.

  • Inspire and reward relevant candidates to apply for open jobs.

  • Providing an outstanding candidate experience in real time leads to higher applicant volumes with the same recruitment media budget, lower cost per applicant, reduced cost-per-hire, and better ROI.

  • As a result, the candidate experience gets maximized and employer brand awareness is boosted.

Job Taster Days.png
Job Taster Days - Bottom.png
job taster engage
Employer and Job video
  • Encourage more applications by offering candidates a deeper look into your company with an accompanying video.

  • Employer video, Agency video or a Job video is part of the Featured Employer product and Job posting package.


  • Enhance your company information to inspire talent and increase job applications.

Featured Employer.png
employer engage
Career site / Recruitment project site
  • Own a beautiful and impactful career website!

  • Enjoy the seamless interactions with your ATS and TMS, and attach it to your company's marketing and branding activities.


  • Candidates today act like consumers, researching companies before applying for a job in the same way consumers study product review sites.


  • Optimizing candidate experience will deliver greater employer brand positioning and ultimately, better candidates reach and improved application-to-hire rates.

Belgie Talent.png
Avast Jobs.png
career site engage
Job Apply Beauty
  • Get full visibility into job seekers’ and candidate journey.


  • By tracking job seekers’ journeys, we are able to improve job application conversion rates whilst  delivering an exceptional candidate experience.

  • We help to understand job seekers’ behavior when interacting with your job post. 

  • We will assist in optimizing the job application process on all devices and will reduce applicant drop-offs during the application process.


  • Your investments into quality candidate reach and attraction will not be wasted!

Overeview - Behavee Portal.png
Chatbot -
job apply engage
Tree League
  • The HRAIME Tree League represents the sweet spot of our CSR and sustainability efforts.

  • Attached to the recruiting activity of employers and relevant candidates’ engagement activities, our Tree League also creates healthy competition that triggers positive momentum with sustainable, lasting impact.


  • Together with our clients we contribute to achieving the goal of a global ecosystem official restoration program.

Tree League.png
Tree league -
tree engage

You are who you hire. 
Who you hire is how you win.

Find your next great hires with HRAIME’s designed HR Tech and Rec Tech solutions.

Job Taster Days - Intro video

Employer and Job video - Intro video

Job Apply Beauty - Intro video

Recruitment Chatbot (AI) - Intro video

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