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Reach & Attract
The Right Talent!

Get perfectly tailored Digital Recruitment solutions for your hiring success.

Learn more about our 98,7% Talent Reach consisting of Hard-to-Reach, Passive, Poised, Active candidates.






Learn how HRAIME Talent ventures help you succeed.

From direct sourcing through our specialized  job boards, featured employer, hiring videos and recruitment campaigns across
all available channels, to apply beauty career pages, AI recruitment chatbots, Job Taster Days and Headhunting#1 activities
and beyond - HRAIME provides the tools you need to find, attract, engage and connect the relevant talent to grow your business.

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Job Posting and Featured Employer

1. Job Posting

  • Get your jobs in front of the right people.

  • Create job posts easily in minutes: we create them for you anytime or if agreed, we can take jobs directly from your career site


  • Any job post package with 5+ jobs comes with a Featured Employer on our job board homepage with employer profile, plus we can create a 55 second job or employer video.

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2. Featured Employer

  • Quality candidates are looking for more information on any prospective employer.

  • Amplify your brand and stand out in the market.

  • Get powerful hiring insights and employer branding enhancements to encourage more applications.

  • Your Featured Employer on job board homepage, alongside your company profile and your 55 seconds employer or agency video introduction.

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job posting reach
featured employer reach
Reach & Attract Booster
  • Transform the entire Internet into your own recruitment platform!

  • Reach and attract the right talent for the job by leveraging the power of our candidate attraction technology, with advanced advertising solutions and in-depth analytics.

  • We advertise your jobs on network of publishers, including: pay for performance job sites, duration and slot-based job boards, CPA media, existing social marketplaces, and other niche job sites to boost the volume of relevant applicants.

  • Our advanced technology uses demographic, behavioral, and custom targeting to create valuable talent pools to choose the best candidate for your job.

  • Partner with a world-class HR solutions and digital marketing team made up of certified experts, with decades of experience in managing digital campaigns in the recruitment and consumer brands sector. - Homepage.png graphs.png
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rach & attract booster reach
Recruitment Chatbot (AI)
  • Add intelligent automation and enhanced effectiveness to the recruitment process!


  • Your recruitment teams will notice the effectiveness of chatbots in the number of new hires engaged, and in the recruiters´ time saved.


  • Full job application information (CV, chat protocol, matching report) is delivered via automation.


  • Our intelligent chatbot has skills to provide autonomous profiling and matching of a job applicant to posted job. This solution also includes a job profile vs. candidate matching report, and a recommendation for actions, including suggested interview questions. 

HR Chatbot.png
Chatbot -
recruitment chatbot reach
  • The unique game-changing talent-centric, P2P business model has been designed to find those needle-in-a-haystack candidates!

  • In order to pique the interest of hard-to-find, passive and poised relevant candidates we have developed technologically grounded ways to reach, attract and connect those candidates with your company.


  • Get only the most qualified candidates for those hard-to-fill roles using our Headhunting #1 solution.

headhunting reach

You are who you hire. 
Who you hire is how you win.

Find your next great hires with HRAIME’s designed HR Tech and Rec Tech solutions.

Win The War For Talent Solutions - Intro video

Reach & Attract Booster - Intro video

Headhunting#1 - Intro video

Recruitment Chatbot (AI) - Intro video

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